We currently have 2 locations we use for our residential camps.

Truro – Cornwall

We started in Truro in 2011. The reason being it’s a lovely place and the Skate Plaza there is one of the best in the county. It’s big enough to cater for our needs with disrupting the locals who use the park daily. We stay at the Truro Boarding School which is a short walk from the Plaza. We have gone from 1 week in August to now offering 2 weeks in August.

Rockcity Skatepark – Hull

We held are first camp in Hull last year at the Subculture skate plaza. Since then the park has grown in size and reverted back to it’s old name of Rockcity. The new build is one of if not the best indoor park in the UK. Since opening it’s doors many Pro’s and Teams have visited the park and all agree it’s an incredible skatepark. We are lucky to be able to use the park for our camps.

We stay at the Beverley Friary which is a short drive from Rockcity. It’s a beautiful old Friary which was recently renovated to a very high standard.


Camp WeSC UK

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