Camp Hillcrest – Forest of Dean

We will be heading back to Hillcrest in the Forrest of Dean in 2018. Situated in the Forest of Dean it offers a safe and secure venue with onsite Concrete Skatepark as well as a games room, outdoor pizza oven and obviously the wonders of the Forest itself. The Skatepark is being built as we type this. We will have sole use of the park as well as the option to visit any of the outdoor and indoor parks which are in close proximity.  we have 3 alternate parks to skate as well. Camp Hillcrest can accommodate up to 23 people (indoors). Our cottage bunkhouse has toilets, showers and we also have outdoor cooking facilities, pizza oven and barbecue. There is also a playroom with a pool table, computer games and music equipment. The nearest Train Station is Chepstow which has good links to London Paddington and we will meet those travelling by train off of their train at the time you give us to meet. CampHillcrestOverview You can view more over at the Camp Hillcrest website

2 thoughts on “Camp Hillcrest – Forest of Dean

  1. ruth Julius says:

    What is the name of the village or town that the Forest of Dean venue will be situated. Forest of Dean covers a wide area?

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