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Story Skateboard Camp (formerly Camp WeSC UK) is a 5 day residential skateboard camp set up by skateboarders for skateboarders. Our aim is to provide a unique opportunity for people to spend 5 days with professional skateboarders at some of the best parks the UK has to offer.

At our camps we offer great value for money where each skater will take away a huge package consisting of but not limited to; a new deck, new shoes, and new clothing amongst other things. Obviously all the food and accommodation is taken care of and to a high standard.

At the previous camps we have had the pleasure of having some of the UK’s best skateboarders and some of our previous coaches include Tom Knox, Danny Brady, Nick Jensen, Nick Remon, Nicky Howells, Jody Smith, Leo Smith, Benny Fairfax, Jason Lewer to name but a few! It is a unique opportunity to spend time with these Professionals and all the skaters really enjoy having the people they see in videos and magazines on hand to help out when needed.

We encourage people of all ages, sexes and from all backgrounds. We have both male and female coaches at all our camps and we are proud to see a growth in the number of girl skateboarders who attend.

Skateboarding is a great tool to meet new people and visit new places, we have all benefited from this and wish to try and share this with others.

Our camps are always set in safe and secure environments allowing the skaters to enjoy their stay with us and giving parents the peace of mind.



For skaters under 18 we will require a waiver to be signed (by agreeing to our terms and conditions on the registration page). As you are aware, skateboarding, like most other sports may sometimes result in injury. While we will be on hand to ensure the safety of each skater and provide the necessary care, local first aid and hospital trips if needed, there are certain situations we cannot predict nor prevent. We do ALWAYS advise the use of helmets and pads, however we can not force the individual to wear these and it is entirely your decision if you wish to speak to your child about this before sending them to the camp. Lots of our campers do wear helmets and/or pads and generally most skaters are fully aware of the risks involved in skateboarding and make their own decisions in regards to the protective gear.


Our Anti – Bullying Policy

Camp WeSC UK operates a strict Anti-Bullying Policy which we require each parent and skater to read and agree to before signing up to the camp. You can find this below.

“Bullying is when one or more people exclude, tease, taunt, gossip, hit, kick, or put down another person with the intent to hurt another. Bullying happens when a person or group of people want to have power over another and use their power to get their way, at the expense of someone else. Bullying can also happen through cyberspace: through the use of e-mails, text messaging, instant messaging, and other less direct methods. This type of bullying can also lead to persons being hurt during or between the camp seasons and be especially hurtful when persons are targeted with meanness and exclusion. At Camp WeSC UK, bullying is inexcusable, and we have a firm policy against all types of bullying. Our Camp philosophy is based on our mission statement which ensures that every camper has the opportunity to make new friends, acquire skills and have fun We work together as a team to ensure that campers gain self confidence, make new friends, and go home with great memories. Unfortunately, persons who are bullied may not have the same potential to get the most out of their camp experience. Our leadership addresses all incidents of bullying seriously and trains staff to promote communication with their staff and their campers so both staff and campers will be comfortable alerting us to any problems during their camp experience and between camp seasons. Every person has the right to expect to have the best possible experience at camp, and by working together as a team to identify and manage bullying, we can help ensure that all campers and staff have a great summer at Camp WeSC UK. ☺” For more information you can call Mark on 07868754856.


What is Camp WesC UK

Camp WeSC UK is a residential Skateboard Camp set up in 2011 by Professional Skateboarder Mark Baines. The idea behind the camp was to allow Boys and Girls aged 11+ the opportunity to spend 5 days skating with some of their favourite pro skaters and progress with their skating throughout the week but in a relaxed non-school environment.

All of the people who work for the Camp are CRB checked and we have staff who have first aid and health and safety certificates and have worked with children in various capacities. We want the people who attend the camp to enjoy their time with us whilst offering them the opportunity to progress in the sport they love with the help of the Professional Skateboarders who run the camps.

The camps are for Skaters of all ages, boy or girl and of all abilities, so if you have only been skating a short while don’t worry, we believe you will benefit from coming along and we are here to help you progress and learn some new tricks. It’s not about how good you but the enjoyment you can have from skateboarding.

We hope you find everything you need to know about Camp WeSC Residential Skateboard Camp within these pages. If you have anymore questions then please contact us via email campwescuk@gmail.com.

Will we be able to contact you and our Child throughout the week?

Yes you will be able to contact Mark on 07868754856 throughout the week. All the skaters will be able to use our phone if they need to call home at any time throughout the stay.

What will we get for the fee we pay?

For the £380 paid you will receive, accommodation, 3 meals per day, and a package worth over £200, items to be confirmed but you can expect something similar to the previous years camp (e.g: Board with grip, shoes, t-shirt, hoody, headphones) Plus extra prizes through out the week to be won.

Is it open to anybody?

The camp is open for people aged 11 years and above. It is better if the applicant has some experience of skateboarding. The camp will take place at a proper Skate Plaza so if you have had no experience of skateboarding it may be better to wait until you have had some more experience.

What should we bring?

– Skateboard, helmet and pads are advised
– Suitable clothing for skateboarding in
– Warm clothing for the evenings and outdoor activities
– Waterproof clothing in case of rain
– Toiletries and a towel
– Spending money. We will visit the local skate store so there will be an opportunity to buy things there, we will also have a tuck shop for snacks and drinks.
– Any Electronics you may need. However for this we can’t take any responsibility for loss or damage

How do we sign up?

To sign up, you must first have read and agreed to all of our information as stated in the information page and informed the attendee of the schedule and Anti – Bullying Policy. Then, simply go to the sign up page for the week you would like to attend. Once you have signed up you will receive a confirmation email with details on how to pay. Payments must be made by bank transfer or cheque. When signing up you will be asked questions regarding the product you will receive as well as any dietary or special requirements you may have. If it is not the attendee paying for the camp we will require information from the person who is paying. These options are all on the sign up page. You will have 10 days from registration to complete payment or your deposit to secure your place. Once your place will be secured.

How can we contact you with anymore questions or concerns we may have?

You can either email us on campwescuk@gmail.com or call Mark on 07868754856 between the hours of 10am and 6pm with your queries or any additional information you feel we may need to ensure a good quality of care for everybody attending.

If you need any more information about our skateboard camps then please get in touch via email campwescuk@gmail.com or phone 07868754856

Story Skate Camp


30 thoughts on “About & Info/FAQ

  1. Tracy says:

    hi, what’s the dates for the girls camp this year can only see last years dates in April
    Many thanks
    Oh and are the prices still the same ?

  2. Des Moore says:

    Hi, have you got availability for week beginning 6th April for 14 year old intermediate level boy?

  3. Karen says:

    Would like to book my son in for the rock city summer camp. Can you Mail my the availability and dates please. Many thanks

    • campwescuk says:

      hi karen. i only just saw this message as i never got an email about it which i usually do. apologies for the late reply. We didn’t actually do a summer camp at rockcity this year however we are back next easter from the 4th-8th april. if you need more info you can mail me at campwescuk@gmail.com

    • campwescuk says:

      hi. yes we have people of all ages and abilities. Everyone is welcome. let me know if you have any more questions. we currently have 5 spaces left if you’re interested in coming along. thanks

  4. Debbie says:

    Hi, where are your locations in the uk? Nearest to Southampton. And what is your availability and prices over the summer?
    Many thanks

    • campwescuk says:


      We currently have a camp thats in the Forrest of Dean which is near Chepstow/Bristol area. We are very low on spaces but may have something for the 24th-28th August. The price is £380 which include food and accommodation and a package of a deck, shoes and clothing. hope this helps.

  5. arraby sharpe says:

    Hi I’m really interested in my son attending your Easter camp 2016 could u please send me details on location and how I sign up.many thanks

    • campwescuk says:

      hi. apologies for the late reply. we will have our easter dates up very soon. we will have one at rockcity in hull and possibly one at the forrest of dean location as well. these dates will be confirmed after our summer camps have taken place. thanks.

  6. Bea says:

    I was wondering if you had to be able to skate to go on one of these camps or can the coaches teach you how to skate?

  7. Fiona MacLeod says:

    Hi I was wondering if you are running any programmes in February/March/April 2019 at all? We live in France and my son (13)has attended a skate camp before in the uk. I’d love to organisé something for next year. Your facilities look great. Many thanks, Fiona

    • queenie says:

      Hi Fiona. Thanks for the inquiry. We are just in the process of arranging dates for next year so if you like i could email you once we have them? Thanks

  8. Laura says:

    Do you only do skateboarding? We are looking for somewhere which does roller skating, scooters, BMX and skateboarding for 4 kids and 3 adults from the ages of 7 – 47.

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